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anna julia cooper

Anna Julia Cooper

I am inspired by the educational beliefs of Anna Julia Cooper and Marva Collins.  One was a woman who after slavery ended, was educated in the classical tradition.  The other was a woman who after years in the public school system realized that through teaching African American students the great books, they learn to become a citizen of the world.  Anna Julia Cooper and Marva Collins, stood against the odds to bring a more global understanding to their African American students by infusing their teaching with the study of the Great Books.



marva collins

Marva Collins

I  invite you to join me and others on a beautiful, just and true journey.  Through literature circles, teacher training sessions, spirited discussion, and independent learning experiences it is my hope to share with others the amazing experience of connecting with others through literature, dialogue and freedom of thought.  A schedule of teacher training sessions, literature circles and other events is coming soon!






Finding Anam Caras

From different worlds we came together

Around a table

Around the books

Of yesteryears and present day

From different generations we came together

Around a desire to learn

Around a desire to discover

Our common humanness and inner selves

From different backgrounds we came together

Around a space of dialogue

Around a curiosity to understand

How our souls are joined

How our minds, hearts and very essences are joined

How we are Anam Caras

With those of yesterday, today, tomorrow…

and each other

(Prather, 2017)